What Else is Lent?
We are still not fully freed of the shock created by the gang rape in Delhi. Then comes another news which is sti....
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Readers’ Voices 
  Followers of Jesus’ Movement The article of Fr. Mattam, “Being Church in Asia” (Jan.13) really chal....
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Readers Voices
1. Campaign for women - MUMBAI The campaign “37 million diyas” began on 27 January with the observance of....
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Top 5 News
1. Catholic Cafe’ Pioneer – KOREA In the 16th century, the Catholic Church labeled coffee the devil’s drink....
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Top 10 News
The Pope App
  Pope Benedict XVI has built up a strong social media presence, through, a regularly updated YouTube chann....
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Vatican Trends
Preeti is an eight years old girl frequenting second grade. Listen to her story. “I used to live at the railway st....
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Pastoral Initiatives
Wake Up, India
More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus told a simple story of a traveller in times when robber bands roamed the highway....
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PR Management
Puzzles of Life
The “Interview with God” is a very popular reflection found in many inspirational sites for the last fifteen yea....
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Faith Alive
Church on Homosexuality
Question: I was surprised and shocked to see the media coverage of the topless protest at the Vatican by act....
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Pastoral Communications
Les Miserables
  CINEMA Victor Hugo’s significantly immortal classic of the 19th century, ‘Les Mierables’ is an exp....
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Media Scan
BE Converted 
  17 Feb. - 1st Sunday of Lent   Context and Theme Jesus’ Sonship is revealed on the ....
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Zero Tolerance at Home
Let us keep this anonymous, to save a few flushed faces, and to pre-empt a few very angry and very self-righteous eg....
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Final Cut